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Brian Trunzo | A Familiar Face To Head Men's Sales

Article-Brian Trunzo | A Familiar Face To Head Men's Sales

Brian Trunzo joins the Men's Team at UBM Fashion / Informa Markets
A Renaissance Man of the Men's Fashion World, Brian Trunzo has stepped foot in every corner of the industry, which is why UBM Fashion has selected him to head up the sales for the Men's group.


Brian Trunzo joins UBM Fashion as the new head of sales for the Men's Group

A Renaissance Man of the Men's Fashion World, Brian Trunzo has stepped foot in every corner of the industry, which is why UBM Fashion has selected him to head up the sales for the Men's group. Drawing on his diverse background (owning one of NYC's top menswear retail stores, running a wholesale brand, his time with WGSN as a retail consultant and trend forecaster, and working as a corporate attorney representing hedge funds), Brian brings an in-depth understanding of the big picture which will contribute to the success for the Men's shows.

Their audience will recognize Brian from PROJECT N:OW's seminars and panels, where he educated the audience on trends and the future of Menswear with the help of other industry experts. 


OW at PROJECT Las Vegas with Highsnobiety

Q: Have You Always Worked Or Been Interested In Fashion?

"Fashion is actually my second career. Previously, I was a financial regulation attorney. Tons of cross-over, so the transition was easy. (That’s a joke) But yes, I’ve always been interested in fashion. The first time I ever heard Biggie Smalls reference “Moschino” in a lyric put me on a life-long track of constant discovery in and amazement by this industry of ours."

Q: Where Did You Work Prior To Coming To The Fashion Group? 

"Leading into UBM, I was at WGSN, the world’s preeminent trend forecasting agency. I was a Senior Consultant for their advisory practice and leading voice of menswear in North America. From bespoke retail, wholesale and design solutions to seasonal forecasting, the role was pretty expansive."

Brian Trunzo from WGSN joins the PROJECT Team

Q: Why Were You Drawn To Work For The Men's Team? 

"The team is outstanding. My time working with Lizette Chin (President of Men's) and Jason Peskin (Brand Director) while at WGSN was truly a pleasure. And I’m also bullish on the marketplace in general. With so much action in retail, and with the Informa merger, I think there are so many opportunities to usher in the next era of fashion trade shows."

Q: What Do You Hope To Bring To Your Shows? 

"Energy! Relevance! It’s all about storytelling – a story for the retailers, who are at the heart of our shows. The story should be dynamic for each attendee, almost like a choose your own adventure novel where the neighborhoods are chapters and the amazing brands we curate are the words on the page."

Brian Trunzo talks at the Men's Fashion Trade show PROJECT Las Vegas at MAGIC

Q: What Makes You The Best Person For The Job? 

"Having been fortunate enough to work on multiple sides of the business – retail with my shop, Carson Street Clothiers, wholesale with my brand, Deveaux, trade shows and supply chain with Liberty Fairs, and concept/design/strategy/consumer with WGSN – I think it’s my diversity of experiences. That diversity allows me to see the big picture and think outside the box and work cross-functionally to find the best solutions for our shows."

Q: What Are Your Hopes For Your Future Shows? 

"On a high level, I’m looking to provide the utmost service to our exhibitors and potential future exhibitors. As a marketplace, we have a duty to them. Many of them look to us for guidance. All of them look to us to provide a convenient, efficient and inspiring place to conduct their business. It’s an honor to facilitate their commerce, and it’s my goal to motivate my team to do everything they can to accommodate them."


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