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Black-Owned Business Highlight: The Honey Pot

Article-Black-Owned Business Highlight: The Honey Pot

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We are using our platform to spotlight black-owned businesses and amplify the voices of powerful individuals in our community and beyond. Please meet Beatrice Dixon, her feminine care business The Honey Pot, and the brand’s current stance on the #BLM movement.

Meet Beatrice Dixon, founder of plant-based personal care company The Honey Pot. After an inspiring dream and recognizing the need for all-natural feminine products, Bea started her own business using organic ingredients to give women what their bodies deserve. Read more about her story below and hear the brand’s response to #BLM movement.

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Tell us about your story. How did you start?

The Honey Pot Company is a plant-powered feminine care company that makes healthy washes, wipes, organic tampons, herb-infused menstrual pads and so much more. Though it was officially founded in 2014, I spent two years working on the formula for the first feminine wash back in 2012 after having dream that of my ancestors gave me a list of ingredients. When I woke up, I remembered the list and made the formula, thus the birth of The Honey Pot Company!

How has your business been affected by COVID-19? As the states start to open up what do you feel is the future of your business?

From the entire team working remotely to supply chain issues, we've had our fair share of issues. It's been an ongoing challenge and every day we continue to strategize and work against the confines of the pandemic, but we know our business will thrive no matter what happens, as we are an essential item that women need to maintain their feminine wellness. We've seen a greater demand for our products since COVID-19.

As black voices are being heard across the globe, how do you see the fashion industry moving forward in support for the future?

The current movement has been in the making for many decades. We believe that the fashion industry will begin to seek out more designers, talent agents, models, makeup artists, and photographers of color. It's actually for the best, as the more diverse viewpoints you have, the better off you will be. We see the fashion industry thriving with the newfound approach to diversity and inclusion and becoming the true picture of why this country was founded. America is a melting pot and we should highlight all of our talent and people.

Have the present times led you to innovate and implement creative solutions? If so, what are they? 

We've had to pivot quite a bit these days and are always seeking ways to do things better and work smarter. We're creating contingency plans in the event there's a second wave of Covid-19, we’re working to be more proactive and less reactive, and we're utilizing technology to stay in touch and on track.

What is next for your business? What have you learned and how will it affect how you operate your business moving forward?

We are launching new products later this year and also continuing to expand into more retail. We are always seeking to innovate and will continue to provide girls and women with healthy, quality feminine care.

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