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Did You Know? The Jacob Javits Center’s Green Roof

Article-Did You Know? The Jacob Javits Center’s Green Roof

Javits Green Roof Option 33.jpg
We all know that the Jacob Javits Center houses some of the top trade shows in New York City, but do you also know what’s happening on its roof?

Did you know that the Javits Center's green roof is home to 29 bird species, 5 bat species, 5 beehives, and soon-to-be one-acre farm? We were truly impressed to learn about the commitment the team is making towards sustainability, and its green roof is something of incredible note. 

1) The Birds

The Javits Center team works with New York City Audubon to observe the activity of birds and bats on the roof. According to Javits’ 2019 Sustainability Report, “Birds have been observed utilizing the roof in various ways including foraging, nesting, fly-overs and perching…In 2018, more than 100 Herring Gull nests were identified on the green roof during mating season.” New York City Audubon researchers have also observed five bat species. The report detailed that, “From May to October, 458 bat passes were recorded over 151 days, signifying a continued robust presence of bats on the green roof.”

Javits Green Roof Option 11.jpg

2) The Bees

Many of us know the importance of bees to the environment, and the team at the Javits Center is doing a great job harvesting honey from the roof’s bee population. According to the Sustainability Report, “More than 2,500 ounces of honey was harvested from the rooftop beehives from the Javits Center in 2018—10 times the amount from the initial harvest in 2017.” 

Javits Green Roof Option 55.png

3) The Farm

Soon the Javits Center will be able to offer fresh fruits and veggies once they finish construction on the working rooftop farm. As detailed in the Sustainability Report, “This one-acre farm will be the largest rooftop farm in Manhattan and is expected to produce more than 40,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables a year, creating a true roof-to-table experience for New Yorkers. A diverse array of crops, including carrots, cucumbers, herbs, salad greens and tomatoes, will be grown and incorporated into the millions of meals prepared each year at the convention center.” They’ve teamed up with Brooklyn Grange who will manage the farm and work with Javits’ catering on the crop assortment every season.

Javits Green Roof Option 44.png


Click here to read The Javits Center’s Sustainability Report and learn more about the green roof and their sustainability initiatives.

All photos courtesy of the Jacob Javits Center. 



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