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FROM THE JOURNAL: Garrett’s Newest Wellness Brand Picks

Article-FROM THE JOURNAL: Garrett’s Newest Wellness Brand Picks

In anticipation of the upcoming Wellness section in The TENTS, we snagged an excerpt from curator Garrett Munce’s journal for a first look at brand samplings expected at the New York and Las Vegas shows.


Garrett Munce has been hard at work, scouring the men’s category for standout grooming and wellness brands; those that are pushing the boundaries of innovation within their category.  While he continues building this curated wellness section, we were able to snag a page from his recent journal, in order to share a sneak peek of the latest brands expected to join this exclusive collective sitting within The TENTS.  Check it out –



Founded in Venice, CA, Asystem is an innovative, new company which helps men think about their wellness; both inside and outside. They’ve paired effective skincare with daily supplements, helping optimize performance on all levels. The products themselves stand on their own - they combine natural ingredients with science-backed results to help any guy look and feel his best every single day. Think: SPF moisturizer, a daily cleanser, and a nightly rebuilding cream to help men put forward a fresh face every day combined with vitamins, minerals, and adaptogens to optimize performance at the gym, manage stress, and recover more quickly. 

I also love that Asystem goes beyond that. It’s the brand’s mission to teach all guys about betterment; going beyond just wellness and giving every guy the tools to be the absolute best they can be. In the short time since they’ve launched, they’ve started regular events including meditation classes and workouts, forming a tight community. Asystem proves that how you take care of yourself can impact more than just how you look.

Discover Asystem at PROJECT New York




Chances are you might have heard of Caswell-Massey - it’s the oldest luxury beauty and fragrance company in the country.

But you’ll be impressed to see what they’re doing now. I know I was, which is why I invited them to be part of this first PROJECT wellness section.

I recently fell back in love with Caswell-Massey’s quality and craftsmanship that has made the company what it is since its founding in 1752. From their classic fragrances that smell just as modern and masculine by today’s standards (their classic Number Six Cologne was a favorite of George Washington himself) to their luxurious soaps and shaving products, everything the company makes harks back to the original ethos of the brand; making high-quality products with natural ingredients and without additives. Sounds pretty modern, right? I’m also especially excited about their Yellowstone collection, which they partnered with the actual national park to create scents using the botanicals found there.

Discover Caswell-Massey at PROJECT New York and Las Vegas




I first discovered Anchors Aweigh because a friend of mine recommended it. That friend being celebrity groomer Kristan Serafino, who is the mastermind behind the hair of Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Matthew McConaughey, and other A-list guys. Needless to say, when she told me Anchors Aweigh was her favorite hair product AND it’s the one product that all her clients ask to be sent home with, I listened.

As soon as I tried the handcrafted hair styling products founder Benjamin Miller makes in Knoxville, TN I was hooked. Most of them are variations on pomades, but they’re unlike any other pomade I’ve ever tried. Made from natural waxes, essential oils, and herbal extracts (but without parabens), these products have a whipped consistency that makes them easier to use than the pomades you might be used to, but no less effective. This veteran-owned company has something for every guy and every look and I couldn’t be more excited for them to be part of PROJECT for the first time.

Discover Anchors Aweigh at PROJECT New York and Las Vegas

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