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We sat down with Garrett to learn more about his creative involvement with the PROJECT Team and his love of men's grooming and wellness products.

In its continued commitment to show innovations, PROJECT is expanding its product offerings starting with their January 2020 show.  Sitting within the elevated environment of The TENTS, attendees can expect to find a new men’s grooming and wellness section.  This collection, curated by Garrett Munce, will feature emerging and established must know brands pushing frontiers within their industry; from innovative skincare solutions to state-of-the-art wellness supplements, and everything in between.

For the uninitiated, a quick online search of “Garrett Munce,” returns a litany of men’s grooming and wellness articles, social media photo collages of face masks and acupuncture treatments, and one beautiful product shot after another.  As current grooming editor for Esquire and Men's Health and previous director and senior fashion editor at GQ, the marriage of PROJECT and Garrett for this specially curated section was a match made in heaven.  

We sat down with Garrett to learn more about his creative involvement with the PROJECT Team and his love of men's grooming and wellness products.

Q. Tell us more about Wellness in The TENTS. What can our attendees expect to see at the shows this season? 

GM: I’m excited to bring Wellness in The TENTS to life because there are so many exciting and innovative things happening in the grooming and wellness industry right now. Whatever you think men’s grooming is, expect to be surprised! Men are more interested in grooming and wellness than ever before and companies both new and established are rising to meet their needs.
Q. Can you give us a preview of some of the brands and/or categories attendees can expect to see/shop?

GM: Expect to see everything from skincare, haircare, body & bath to fragrance and supplements - and everything in between. We’ll have brands that represent the major trends as well: natural and clean products, Korean skincare, internal wellness, and more.
Q. What are these brands doing that stood out to you and what does your selection process look like?

GM: The biggest criteria for selection is that I want to showcase brands that I am personally excited about - whether they are new brands creating new, innovative products or more established brands you may have heard of before who are changing the game in their own way. Each of the brands that are part of the section are doing something I think represents where the men’s grooming and wellness community is moving.
Q. How do you see Men’s Grooming and Wellness as the next best thing for stores that don’t currently carry these products?

GM: I’m a believer that you have to meet men where they are. Editorially, that means I always try to offer solution-based content that speaks to men in a language they can understand but also moves the needle forward. From a retail standpoint, men are hungry for grooming and wellness that fits into their lifestyle. They care about how they dress and how they decorate their homes, but they also care about how they present themselves in other ways - how their hair and skin looks, what they’re putting in their bodies, how they smell. Guys see grooming and wellness as part of their overall lifestyle more and more.


Q. How is Men’s Grooming and Wellness making an impact in the men’s community?


GM: Since I also come from a fashion background, I understand that the men’s style community has traditionally been very fashion-focused. While the fashion and grooming communities don’t traditionally talk to each other very much, they are not mutually exclusive! Men see how they groom themselves as part of their overall style expression. Plus, a lot of the same trends that are happening in fashion (sustainability, gender, technology) are also happening in the grooming and wellness space.


Q. As men focus more on self-care, where do you see as the future of Men’s Grooming and Wellness for men?


GM: It is only going to grow. Statistics have shown that the men’s grooming industry is one of the fastest-growing segments of the beauty industry (and within that, skincare and haircare are growing the fastest), so consumers will continue to become more educated and more well-rounded consumers. The younger generation is much more knowledgeable and curious about grooming and wellness than any other and as they get older, it’s only going to become more important to them.

Garrett Munce on train with facial mask

Q. What are some of your personal go-to products for Men’s Grooming and Wellness that you use in your personal regimen?


GM: Because it’s literally my job to try products (follow me on Instagram @garrettmunce to see what I mean), I’m constantly trying new things whether it’s a new, everyday moisturizer or a new high-tech facial. But the brands that will be part of the section are all brands that I personally use and love. They represent all the different ways a man can interact with grooming and wellness - from the perfect celebrity-favorite hair pomade to natural cologne to internal supplements that improve your overall wellbeing (and your skin).

If you haven't already, you can register here for PROJECT New York (January 19-21, 2020) and Las Vegas (February 5-7, 2020).

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