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Tips for Holistic Living and ​​​​​​​Radiant Beauty on the Road | COTERIE

Article-Tips for Holistic Living and ​​​​​​​Radiant Beauty on the Road | COTERIE

COTERIE New York September 2018 Jessica Jones Uashmama Anima Mundi Que Bottle
Traveling to COTERIE? Jessica Jones shares her tips for holistic living and radiant beauty on the road.

by Jessica Jones | Photos: Paul McMahon

COTERIE New York September 2018 Jessica Jones Uashmama Anima Mundi Que Bottle

THE HEALTH OF YOUR SKIN is a view into the health of your body on the inside. In order to achieve radiant beauty, we must achieve a calm healthy balance in our body. This can be challenging at the best of times, let alone when we are traveling. With a little preparation and effort, we can apply a holistic approach to travel and keep our radiant glow.


HYDRATE: Consume high quality liquids and water-containing, alkaline foods to counteract the dehydrating effects of flying, air-conditioned hotels and those few glasses of wine while out at dinner. Choose alkaline spring water, green vegetable juices, and water-containing fruits and vegetables like cucumber, celery, tomato, avocado, watermelon, papaya, lemon, and lime. Avoid dry, residue causing foods like crackers, bread, nuts, dehydrated fruits. Limit coffee and alcohol and always rotate your alcoholic drinks with a glass of mineral water. 

COTERIE New York September 2018 Jessica Jones Morning Tonic

Pack a few ingredients for nutrient dense drinks you can make throughout the day. GoStak portable containers are a great option to pack a few servings of each powder and avoid packing the glass jars.

+       Morning Tonic – It’s best to have this first thing upon rising before coffee or breakfast. Start with the highest quality bottled water you can find. Add a splash of raw aloe (the small travel bottle of Herbal Answers Raw Aloe is perfect for a few days), add one Tsp of MSM* powder and an immune boosting tonic blend such Anima Mundi Cold’s Cocktail or Adaptogenic Tonic with Shizandra. 

      * MSM (sulfur) is an essential nutrient for the synthesis of proteins, hormones, connective tissue and enzymes in the body. It’s the ultimate beauty food supporting healthy inflammation levels, joints, liver, blood, digestive & immune system, hair, skin and nails.   

Move Your Body / Sweat: The main system in the body that carries toxins and wastes is called the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system relies on your movement to transport the toxins out of the system. Moving your body -- and ideally, sweating -- will dramatically improve blood flow, reduce inflammation and assist with cellular detoxification. 

COTERIE New York September 2018 Jessica Jones Beyond Yoga

+ Pack multi purpose layering pieces like black leggings and Ts (basics from Beyond Yoga, Alo Yoga and Running Bare) and your designer sneakers which can make your daytime outfit more conducive to skipping the Uber and walking to your meeting.

+ Find a local yoga or Pilates studio close to where you will be and book in a few classes. Walking, jogging or even just light stretching at your hotel are excellent options!

+ One of my key detoxification rules is to sweat daily. If it’s not through working out, you can use the sauna at the hotel or grab some Epsom salts / magnesium flakes from a pharmacy and take a hot bath to stimulate the release of toxins. 

+ Skip the chemical laden hotel toiletries and pack Bogavia travel size skin care products for instant natural beauty on the go.

COTERIE New York September 2018 Jessica Jones Bogavia

Supplement: There are a few supplements I always take while traveling; digestive enzymes, probiotics, nopal cactus, magnesium and charcoal. You can find little plastic pill bags at the pharmacy to pack just what you need.  

recharge: I cannot stress how important sleep is for detoxification and rejuvenation while traveling. There is such a strong connection between ourmind and ournervous system, which in turn affects our organ function and our entire body. It's essential to give yourself some time each day to repair and rejuvenate, especially while traveling. Ensure you are getting as much quality sleep as you possibly can. Make some time to get out in thesunshine and breath in fresh air each day.Block out a few minutes in the morning or before bed to meditate. 

COTERIE New York September 2018 Jessica Jones Anima Mundi Myst

Protect: Airplanes, hotel rooms, conference centers are all breeding grounds for bacteria and depleting energy. Bring hand sanitizing spray (I love EO Lavender Hand Sanitizer) and air purifier such as Anima Mundi Protection Palo Santo Myst – it’s naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, relieving sickness and potential microbes from your immediate space. Spray around you on the airplane and in your hotel room to flood your energy field with light and repel bad vibes.


Jessica Jones is a wellness and natural beauty entrepreneur and has written and consulted extensively on health topics including achieving natural beauty through wellness & detoxification. She has studied with pioneering U.S.-based practitioners and researchers at the forefront of detoxification, including Natalia Rose and Gabriel Cousins and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and resources. 

COTERIE New York September 2018 Jessica Jones Yoga

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