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Articles from 2019 In November





To usher the denim evolution forward, Maurizio Donadi, Co-Founder and Creative Lead at Atelier & Repairs has been named DENIM ROOM’s official Brand Ambassador and Creative Director. Maurizio brings over 30 years of strategic management experience working in the fashion and lifestyle industries. In 2015, Maurizio co-founded Atelier & Repairs, the famed creative studio and global initiative with a commitment to fix, improve, recreate, and up-cycle what already exists, within the apparel and textile industries.

DENIM ROOM utilizes PROJECT’s core tenets of community, education, media, and experience, as its foundational basis through which Maurizio will commission a full suite of content programming and activations. Leveraging his professional insights, industry partnerships, and artistic panache, DENIM ROOM will feature denim’s most talented minds and creatives discussing trailblazing and distinctly denim topics pertinent to a global fashion interest and the denim community at large. In tandem, Rivet Magazine will be partnering with DENIM ROOM for exclusive coverage and additional content, such as The Rivet Awards.

“For 2020, PROJECT has given me the opportunity, from ideation to execution, to work on DENIM ROOM. This space is meant to inspire, provoke, disrupt, and build a new way of looking at the denim industry with creativity and a profound sense of responsibility,” shared Maurizio in a recent comment on his new creative collaboration.

From Men’s President Lizette Chin, DENIM ROOM will feature, “premium to advanced to artisanal denim brands. It will be a collaboration of heritage and next-generation men’s and dual-gender brands that are pushing the denim world forward through responsibility, creativity, and innovation. DENIM ROOM will attract both men’s and women’s retailers through rigorous dual-gender retail marketing campaigns and well-positioned show floor promotions.” Click here to read the feature on

DENIM ROOM is set to unveil at PROJECT’s New York and Las Vegas 2020 shows.

PROJECT New York takes place January 19-21, 2020 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. REGISTER

PROJECT Las Vegas takes place during MAGIC February 5-7, 2020 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. REGISTER

To learn more visit

Brands That Give Back

Buckle Seam.jpg

We're in the season of giving, so we’ve highlighted a few companies that have giving back rooted in their brand ethos. Here, we share the stories of fashion brands that are on a mission to help others. 

Pura Vida

You might recognize Pura Vida's beautiful string bracelets stacked up on someone's wrist, but Pura Vida is more than just an accessories company. The company prides itself on the 800 artisans they support through product creation as well as the numerous charities they partner with through special collaborations.

Pura Vida's charity coordinator Kristy Ryan explains: "Giving back has been a fundamental part of Pura Vida Bracelets since the company was founded in 2010. Our co-founders, Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman took a college graduation trip to Costa Rica, where they met two artisans, Jorge and Joaquin, who were selling colorful string bracelets, but struggling to get by on their low artisan wages. Paul and Griffin offered to buy 400 bracelets to bring home, at first, but the bracelets were such a success, that they kept buying more and more.

"In addition to providing a steady income to our artisan communities, we also give back through our Charity Bracelet Collection. We wanted to make a difference locally, as well as internationally, by supporting causes that are important to us and our customers. We have since partnered with over 175 different charities and donated over $2 million to a wide range of causes! We add new partnerships and styles throughout the year and are always making an effort to support the causes that our customers request. In addition to the money donated through our charity bracelet sales, we also do a lot of volunteering in our local community and support countless charitable events through in-kind donations." For more information, go to


Buckle & Seam

The founders of Buckle & Seam, a men’s business and travel bag company, have a goal of sending 10,000 kids to school by 2023. And that’s why 3% of Buckle & Seam’s gross revenue is donated to the “One Bag-One Child” program helping children in Pakistan attend the Anum School. Marco Feelish, Buckle & Seams co-founder says that he and his partner were inspired by their moms. “The Anum School means hope,” he explains. “We want to send 10,000 kids to school as our business grows.”

As further explained on the brand’s website: “Anum School was founded 30 years ago thanks to a brave woman who decided to install a medical camp in a neighborhood where women did not have access to healthcare. She quickly realized the women never received an education and decided to transform the camp into a school. She had to fight for years to legitimize the need for girls’ education and her little school. Today, Anum school receives more than 120 students per year.”

Feelish adds that Buckle & Seam also has a program where people can donate without even buying a bag. For more information, go to

Buckle Seam 2.jpg


We chatted with WorldFinds founder, Kelly Weinberger as she was completing an artisan visit in India. When asked about her company's give-back program, Weinberger says, "So, first and foremost WorldFinds is an ethical fashion brand that empowers women through fair trade. Our products create dignified jobs for women in vulnerable communities in India to help break the cycle of poverty. We're proud to have been doing this since 2001! Because there are so many organizations out there doing so much good, we thought we'd create a special collection to donate 15% to those amazing causes. So this collection actually does good on multiple levels as it's fair trade made + a donation to a non-profit. And it makes such a great gift! Our Cause Collection launched in April of 2019."

The Cause Collection bracelets retail for $24, and a portion of those proceeds help support 8 non-profit organizations including: The Ocean Conservancy, In Her Shoes Foundation, The Matthew Shepard Foundation, The Hope Foundation, Heifer International, The Animal Care League, The Wounded Warrior Project, Sponsors the education of 20 children annually at Tara Projects' Bawana Community in India. To learn more, go to 

Pajamas For Peace

Chandinie Francis launched Pajamas for Peace, an eco-friendly childrenswear collection in June 2019. "It started as a service project with my own kids, and then their classrooms, to teach and promote kindness after Sandy Hook," she explains. "I wanted to show my children that they can be agents of change--and that their actions can make a difference and help uplift others."

The brand's mission is to "promote peace and kindness and bring comfort to children and families in need." And they do that through their buy-one, give-one program: for every pajama sold, the company donates a set of pajamas to those in need. They work with a homeless shelter, Haven House/Bridges in Long Island and a domestic violence shelter, Human Options in Southern California. Pajamas for Peace retail from $25 to $84 and are sold on

Pajamas for Peace-CC pic2.JPG

Hat Attack

Hat Attack is a hat and accessories company founded in 1981 by husband and wife team BJ and Bill Gedney. They pride themselves on being a family-owned business (they're daughter Cooper McManus is the brand's design director) who treats employees like members of their family too. The Hat Attack factory is an 11,000 sq. ft. facility located in the Bronx. Their longtime factory workers all live in the Bronx, so they felt it was important to support a local organization. "We wanted something that is a special fit, unique to Hat Attack. Doing something for the Bronx community was an easy decision," explains McManus. "This fall, we are excited to announce that for every cold-weather purchase made on our site, we'll donate a winter item to The HOPE Program, a local non-profit who empowers New Yorkers to build sustainable futures through comprehensive training, jobs, advancement, and life long career support. As our Bronx neighbors, we are happy to give back to our community by donating to this amazing cause." For more information on The HOPE Program, go to and Hat Attack:

Hat Attack.jpg

Good Work(s) Make a Difference 

Sometimes things happen when you least expect them. At least that's what happened to Helena Cho, founder and CEO of Good Work(s) Make a Difference. She recalls, "I was a very successful young businesswoman and in my early 30's I went completely bankrupt. I was broken in all areas. Then in my complete brokenness, I encountered God. I found a higher calling for my life. I wanted to live a different life that gives people hope and dream in their lives. With that vision and purpose, I created a company called Good Work(s) Make a Difference." Cho launched the brand with leather wrap-around bracelets that have inspirational words and phrases on them, and now the collection is comprised of other categories of inspirational jewelry and accessories. "People get encouraged when they hear positive words all the time, and the best way to hear it is to wear it where you can see it constantly." The company donates 25% of net proceeds to charitable organizations like Dream Center, Children Miracle Hospital Network, LA's Best, A Place Called Home, and more. 

Tools for schools_5.jpg

Blue Planet Eyewear

David Weinstein launched Blue Gem Eyewear in 1982. Around 2006 he and his wife wanted to do something that would create less impact on the environment. That’s when they researched how to create eyewear from excess materials and Blue Planet Eyewear was born. They launched the first collection of eco-eyewear in 2009 using up to 70% of the excess materials from the parent company, Blue Gem.

Years later, David asked his son Matt to take over the Blue Planet business, and feeling empowered by the task, Matt knew he wanted to do even more. He was inspired by Blake Mycoskie’s "One for One" program at TOMS and wanted to implement something similar. That’s when he and his wife Lisa launched the Visualize Change Program.

Matt explains, “With every purchase, we donate a pair of corrective glasses to a person in need. We are proud to announce that we have helped restore sight to over 1,000,000 people. Our glasses have always been made with up to 70% recycled materials by reusing the excess plastic and metals from production. Keeping 1,000’s of pounds of materials from going into our landfills and oceans.

“Our newest giveback venture is going to start in 2020, we will be planting a tree for every pair sold. The trees planted will provide food, crops to sell, animal feed, wood for fuel and of course help restore the soil and reduce the world's carbon footprint. Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear’s core mission is to help the planet and the people on it through our Visualize Change Program.”

Now Blue Planet Eyewear is sold in stores like Whole Foods, Lulu’s Boutiques and Soft Surroundings, retailing from $35 to 65. Blue Planet has a truly inspiring story and is on a mission to, as Matt says, “Be kind to the planet and the people on it.” To learn more, go to

Want more inspiration? Here are some additional brands on a mission to give back and help others!

1302 Watch Co., 1502 Candle Co.BitchstixCiao MilanoDIFFDoap Baq, Espiritu, Etica DenimFinley Shirt, Grethchen ScottHathorway, Ivy, Joyn, LokaiMata Traders, Michael Stars, Project Social T,  Socksmith 

Fashion Snoops Accessories Gift Guide | Holiday 2020


Fashion Snoops dives into the top accessories trends for the upcoming Holiday 2020 season; Belle Noel, Yuletide Cheer, and Keepsake. Take note, the holidays are right around the corner! 

Belle Noel_.png

Inspired by our FW 20/21 Forecast Resonance, Belle Noel transports us to Christmas morning in Versaille. Gilded glamour is grounded by antiqued touches, highlighting a gentle color palette inspired by Rococo art and architecture. Gold finishes and floral motifs bring us into a world of wintertime decadence, grounded by a delicate union of antiquity and contemporary.


MOOD (28).jpg





Cozy Beanie | Short pile faux fur, pastel colors, option for added embellishments 

Mini Bag | Metallic finish, top handle silhouette, polished gold hardware 

Bow Barrette | Silk or grosgrain ribbon, fabric on barrette, extended bow silhouette 


Mismatched Earrings | Mini drop silhouette, rectangle cut germs, contrasting enamel finish

Pearl Set | Pearl embellished headband, statement earrings, teardrop pearls 

Floral Pin | Floral outline silhouette, polished gold finish, worn solo or with a set 

YuleTide Cheer .png

Yuletide Cheer brings a joyous and bright twist to the holiday season. Pastel hues are carried throughout the story, adding a youthful sentiment that allows us to relive our childhood memories of this special time of year. Accessories are full of soft yet colorful tones and infused with cozy vintage elements, enhanced by plush textures perfect for the winter months. This story allows us to get creative with our traditions with its handmade elements.


MOOD (29).jpg





Sweater Scarf | Pastel Knit, ribbed Trim, multi wrap styling

Cocktail Ring | Mother or pearl star, statment silhouette, colorful gemstone inlay 

Statment Headband | Colorful faux fur, padded volume silhouette, option for embellishment of print 


Top Handle Wristlet | Pastel shearling body, geometric silhouette, gold cuff top handle 

Cozy Socks | Mohair ribbed knit, statment color, slouchy silhouette 

Embellished Beret | Structured felt silhouette, colorful gemstone embellsihments, option for beading or pearls 

pasted image 0.png

Inspired by our FW 20/21 Forecast Clarion, this story is a sophisticated take on soft earthiness. Taking influence from contemporary lodge living, this holiday keep traditions alive by indulging in traditional craftsmanship that interplays with modern-day functionality and appeal. Keepsake is about mixing nature and industrial glam together to form something that can be cherished by one and all.


MOOD (30).jpg





Bucket Bag | Croccodile embossing, polished metal handles, interior drawstring pouch 

Beret | Leather fabrication, smooth finish, simple construction 

Leather Gloves | Basket weave details, driving silhouette, rolled edge trim 


Statement Earrings | Geometric malachite, pave gemstones, updated hoop silhouette 

Lariat Necklace | Natural stone inlay, drop pendant silhouette, minimal gemstone embellishments 

Leather Watch | Leather strap, rectangle face shape, minimal color combination 



Fashion Snoops is a global creative agency that helps brands and companies harness future trends and act on the opportunities they bring. FS provides consulting services to global fashion and consumer product brands, as well as SaaS solutions wired for creators - allowing them to create smarter.

Headquartered in NYC, Fashion Snoops has clients and contributors in 50 countries around the globe. For more information visit,

Epic Fail

Epic Fail

James Harris and Lawrence Schlossman, the hilarious duo behind the popular lifestyle podcast Failing Upwards, discuss everything from how they got their start in menswear to their latest obsessions. 

Failing Upwards

James Harris and Lawrence Schlossman met at a sales and PR firm when Harris was an unpaid intern and Schlossman was making, as he says, very little money. But they didn’t seem to care; because as two guys coming up in the fashion industry, they had the opportunity to attend all the coolest menswear events, eat and drink for free, and use any money they did have to buy clothes. 

“We were making no money, but we were just happy to be in the room. That’s where we fell in the love with the industry,” remembers Schlossman. “But it was like you do everything you can to make it look like you got it, but in reality… you’re struggling.” Harris adds, “But it was great because we got to see the PR and sales sides of the business. And the highlight was going to Vegas and getting a taste of the glam life. We’d talk to designers and reps and preview next season’s collections.” 

When asked if they still have that same love for the industry, they respond in unison, “No way!” Harris laughs, “We’re definitely not as doe-eyed about the industry, but yeah, we still love it.” 

After different jobs in the industry, the two reconnected while Harris was at Complex Style and Schlossman was at Four Pins. Harris reflects, “We were there at a time that coincided with the rise of streetwear and the explosion of the sneaker industry. When we were working at Complex, drop culture was about to pop and we were surrounded by the OGs of that world.”

They also admit that being early adopters of social media helped position the success of their podcast. “People have been following us as we failed up to bigger roles and seen us as our personal style evolved,” says Schlossman.

And their podcast, Failing Upwards, has also evolved. It’s not only about menswear, but music, media and memes, too. “It’s a lifestyle universe,” says Schlossman. “We love this industry, but our perception has changed as we’ve established ourselves as guys who can poke fun or take an unpopular stance on issues because we’ve earned our stripes.”

“People have been following us as we failed up to bigger roles and seen us as our personal style evolved.” – Lawrence Schlossman 

When asked which retailers are getting it right, they rattle off a long list of stores like Union, Mr. Porter, Mohawk General Store, Nepenthes, Kinfolk, RTH, Undefeated, C’H’C’M', Patagonia, REI, Maxfield, Stussy, and Supreme. “We love Supreme because they do what they’ve always done and never waver,” says Schlossman. “I’m not gonna wear a Supreme box logo, but I wear Supreme jeans every day.” 

They also love Dave's New York and they’re seeing a trend of going back to the classics: “Brands like Bass and Clarks. Things ebb and flow, but these brands come back around because they’ll always be good. But the question is, how do you wear it in 2019?”

So, what are they wearing in 2019? On their podcast, they ask their guests what’s the last thing they bought and the next thing they want to buy. “The last thing, and I didn’t buy, I got it for free,” admits Schlossman, “was the Justin Saunders Reeboks. And that was an interesting move by a brand and a good example of how collabs can and should be done.” And what’s next for Schlossman? “I’m gravitating towards tailored and suiting. It’s this idea of casual and easy suiting. I’m trying to be a grown man, but I don’t want to lose that edge.” 

Harris says that the last thing he bought was $120 worth of Japanese socks. “I just needed basics that I know will last for years…as long as I don’t lose them in the laundry.” And what’s next? “I’m going back to Sweden, so I’m sure I’ll buy something from Our Legacy.” 

So why should you attend their seminar on Tuesday? Harris says, “We understand the circuit and can offer some fun, loud and messy conversation.” Schlossman adds, “We’re charismatic, handsome, smart…we’re the total package. And we’ll have the most entertaining panel at PROJECT…” He laughs, “But we do tend to over-promise and under-deliver.” 





GM Portrait2.jpg

In its continued commitment to show innovations, PROJECT is expanding its product offerings starting with their January 2020 show.  Sitting within the elevated environment of The TENTS, attendees can expect to find a new men’s grooming and wellness section.  This collection, curated by Garrett Munce, will feature emerging and established must know brands pushing frontiers within their industry; from innovative skincare solutions to state-of-the-art wellness supplements, and everything in between.

For the uninitiated, a quick online search of “Garrett Munce,” returns a litany of men’s grooming and wellness articles, social media photo collages of face masks and acupuncture treatments, and one beautiful product shot after another.  As current grooming editor for Esquire and Men's Health and previous director and senior fashion editor at GQ, the marriage of PROJECT and Garrett for this specially curated section was a match made in heaven.  

We sat down with Garrett to learn more about his creative involvement with the PROJECT Team and his love of men's grooming and wellness products.

Q. Tell us more about Wellness in The TENTS. What can our attendees expect to see at the shows this season? 

GM: I’m excited to bring Wellness in The TENTS to life because there are so many exciting and innovative things happening in the grooming and wellness industry right now. Whatever you think men’s grooming is, expect to be surprised! Men are more interested in grooming and wellness than ever before and companies both new and established are rising to meet their needs.
Q. Can you give us a preview of some of the brands and/or categories attendees can expect to see/shop?

GM: Expect to see everything from skincare, haircare, body & bath to fragrance and supplements - and everything in between. We’ll have brands that represent the major trends as well: natural and clean products, Korean skincare, internal wellness, and more.
Q. What are these brands doing that stood out to you and what does your selection process look like?

GM: The biggest criteria for selection is that I want to showcase brands that I am personally excited about - whether they are new brands creating new, innovative products or more established brands you may have heard of before who are changing the game in their own way. Each of the brands that are part of the section are doing something I think represents where the men’s grooming and wellness community is moving.
Q. How do you see Men’s Grooming and Wellness as the next best thing for stores that don’t currently carry these products?

GM: I’m a believer that you have to meet men where they are. Editorially, that means I always try to offer solution-based content that speaks to men in a language they can understand but also moves the needle forward. From a retail standpoint, men are hungry for grooming and wellness that fits into their lifestyle. They care about how they dress and how they decorate their homes, but they also care about how they present themselves in other ways - how their hair and skin looks, what they’re putting in their bodies, how they smell. Guys see grooming and wellness as part of their overall lifestyle more and more.


Q. How is Men’s Grooming and Wellness making an impact in the men’s community?


GM: Since I also come from a fashion background, I understand that the men’s style community has traditionally been very fashion-focused. While the fashion and grooming communities don’t traditionally talk to each other very much, they are not mutually exclusive! Men see how they groom themselves as part of their overall style expression. Plus, a lot of the same trends that are happening in fashion (sustainability, gender, technology) are also happening in the grooming and wellness space.


Q. As men focus more on self-care, where do you see as the future of Men’s Grooming and Wellness for men?


GM: It is only going to grow. Statistics have shown that the men’s grooming industry is one of the fastest-growing segments of the beauty industry (and within that, skincare and haircare are growing the fastest), so consumers will continue to become more educated and more well-rounded consumers. The younger generation is much more knowledgeable and curious about grooming and wellness than any other and as they get older, it’s only going to become more important to them.

Garrett Munce on train with facial mask

Q. What are some of your personal go-to products for Men’s Grooming and Wellness that you use in your personal regimen?


GM: Because it’s literally my job to try products (follow me on Instagram @garrettmunce to see what I mean), I’m constantly trying new things whether it’s a new, everyday moisturizer or a new high-tech facial. But the brands that will be part of the section are all brands that I personally use and love. They represent all the different ways a man can interact with grooming and wellness - from the perfect celebrity-favorite hair pomade to natural cologne to internal supplements that improve your overall wellbeing (and your skin).

If you haven't already, you can register here for PROJECT New York (January 19-21, 2020) and Las Vegas (February 5-7, 2020).

New at NY WOMEN'S January 2020




From new brands to retail pop-shops and trend presentations: NY WOMEN'S has lots of exciting things planned for the January shows! Read below to learn more about new brands and happenings at INTERMEZZO, ACCESSORIE CIRCUIT, FAME, MODA, and ACCESSORIES THE SHOW.


There are some incredible brands making their NY WOMEN'S debut this January. A sampling of new brands to discover at the shows is highlighted below.

1 Sunset Lane, 143 Tees, Amanda Maria, Annie + Otis, Ashley by 26 International, Bickley + Mitchell, BL.Tops, Da-Nang, Ethos Active, Frankies Bikinis, Gal Meets Glam, Happy Days Clothing, Heartloom, HIHO, Hinson Wu, Kancan, Luna Luz, Madison Marcus, Maplesage, Mixologie, Napo Gloves, Reserve Fairfax, Sail to Sable, Sailor-Sailor, Sandrine Rose, Stoosh, Sympli, TCEC, Unsweetened New York, Velvet Heart, Viereck, Young, Fabulous & Broke ...and more!


Photo: Gal Meets Glam



Lauren Parker, former Editor-in-Chief of Accessories Magazine and current Executive Editor of Footwear Plus and Earnshaw’s, will host a trend presentation and curate a trend display. Parker’s presentation will include a Spring/Summer 2020 Apparel and Accessories wrap-up covering the New York and International runway shows including London, Milan and Paris.

Sunday, January 5th at 2:00 PM | ATS/MODA Lounge

Lauren Parker Option 1.jpg



After a successful launch at PROJECT WOMENS in Las Vegas this summer, we are bringing Place Showroom’s TRN retail pop-up shop to NYC! The Trending Right Now pop-up shop will be open for cash and carry sales on The Intermezzo show floor all 3 days of the show! @place_showroom

The Place Option 3.jpg


What's New at Good4Fashion

Good4Fashion Option.jpg

Good4Fashion logo


Informa Markets recently launched Good4Fashion, a partnership between the Conscious Fashion Campaign in support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We have identified four pillars including social responsibility, responsible production, ethical practices, and eco/animal-friendly practices, which speak to Informa Markets’ commitment to sustainability and social responsibility as it pertains to the fashion industry. 

In 2019, there were over 350 participating Good4Fashion brands between the MAGIC and COTERIE marketplaces. And this season, exhibiting brands within Informa Markets' fashion portfolio that qualify for Good4Fashion will be highlighted in their respective marketplace's mobile app as part of our product category attributions. This "Buyers Guide" will be a featured section on the app with linkable brand lists.

The Good4Fashion team is also putting together a streamlined educational seminar track on sustainability for MAGIC this February 2020. Stay tuned for more details on both initiatives!



Organic, eco and/or animal friendly materials used in production process.


Fair labor laws. Equal opportunity employers. Women/minority-owned business.


Producing garments and accessories responsibly and sustainably. Upcycled. Recycled. Repurposed. Reimagined.


Doing good for organizations, groups, communities. Making contributions with profits, time, resources to better the world around us.



Are you currently practicing sustainable and conscious methods? Are you interested in working toward a more sustainable future in fashion? We'd love to hear from you






Where to Buy: COTERIE x LAFS Presentation

IMG_6807 RETOUCHED_featured.jpg


Headband: Margarita Diaz Del Castillo Millenary

Fringed Maxi Dress- Daniella Batlle



Waco one piece- Verde Limon 



One piece- Suki Cohen 



Red one piece- Charmosa

Kimono Izadora + Waves + Birds- Maris Sanz 



Dress- Glory Ang

Bag- Glorinha Paranagua


Monica Scarf- Cala de la Cruz 

Louise Bikini Bottom- Cala de la Cruz 



Bilkini & kimono- Juan de Dios 


Bikini- Charmosa 

Tyra shirt- Yukio


Hat: Margarita Diaz Del Castillo Millenary

Red bikini and kimono- Haight


(From left to right) 1st Model:

Bikini top & skirt- Sara Cristina 

2nd Model:

Hat- Margarita Diaz Del Castillo Millenary

Red bikini and kimono- Haight

3rd Model:

Bikini- Charmosa 

Tyra shirt- Yukio



Tortuga Dress- AZULU

Arena Bikini- Sara Cristina 

Luana bamboo-cage bag- Glorinha Paranagua 


Costa Calidad shirt and Andiamo pant- Waimari


Did You Know? The Jacob Javits Center’s Green Roof

Javits Green Roof Option 33.jpg

Did you know that the Javits Center's green roof is home to 29 bird species, 5 bat species, 5 beehives, and soon-to-be one-acre farm? We were truly impressed to learn about the commitment the team is making towards sustainability, and its green roof is something of incredible note. 

1) The Birds

The Javits Center team works with New York City Audubon to observe the activity of birds and bats on the roof. According to Javits’ 2019 Sustainability Report, “Birds have been observed utilizing the roof in various ways including foraging, nesting, fly-overs and perching…In 2018, more than 100 Herring Gull nests were identified on the green roof during mating season.” New York City Audubon researchers have also observed five bat species. The report detailed that, “From May to October, 458 bat passes were recorded over 151 days, signifying a continued robust presence of bats on the green roof.”

Javits Green Roof Option 11.jpg

2) The Bees

Many of us know the importance of bees to the environment, and the team at the Javits Center is doing a great job harvesting honey from the roof’s bee population. According to the Sustainability Report, “More than 2,500 ounces of honey was harvested from the rooftop beehives from the Javits Center in 2018—10 times the amount from the initial harvest in 2017.” 

Javits Green Roof Option 55.png

3) The Farm

Soon the Javits Center will be able to offer fresh fruits and veggies once they finish construction on the working rooftop farm. As detailed in the Sustainability Report, “This one-acre farm will be the largest rooftop farm in Manhattan and is expected to produce more than 40,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables a year, creating a true roof-to-table experience for New Yorkers. A diverse array of crops, including carrots, cucumbers, herbs, salad greens and tomatoes, will be grown and incorporated into the millions of meals prepared each year at the convention center.” They’ve teamed up with Brooklyn Grange who will manage the farm and work with Javits’ catering on the crop assortment every season.

Javits Green Roof Option 44.png


Click here to read The Javits Center’s Sustainability Report and learn more about the green roof and their sustainability initiatives.

All photos courtesy of the Jacob Javits Center. 



Fashion Snoops Trend Reports | Fall/Winter 2020-2021

Trend Reports.png

Click below to read as Fashion Snoops breaks down the four trends in men's, women's, and footwear + accessories for Fall/Winter 2020-21. 









Fashion Snoops is a global creative agency that helps brands and companies harness future trends and act on the opportunities they bring. FS provides consulting services to global fashion and consumer product brands, as well as SaaS solutions wired for creators - allowing them to create smarter.

Headquartered in NYC, Fashion Snoops has clients and contributors in 50 countries around the globe. For more information visit,