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Presented by WGSN: Gen Z Climate Engagement

Article-Presented by WGSN: Gen Z Climate Engagement

Gen Z Climate 2.jpg
Trend Forecasting Agency WGSN took the stage at PROJECT Las Vegas's N:OW Forum to report on what's driving Gen Z and how brands can connect with this influential demographic.

Editor's Note: All copy and imagery provided by WGSN. 

Gen Z is leading the charge when it comes to action on climate change, from protest movements to consumption changes (i.e., purging single use plastics, non-biodegradable plastics; evolving diets to meatless or less meat diets; the rise of rental clothing; growing preference for tactile experiences with nearly two-thirds of Gen Z shoppers saying they want to touch, feel and experience products before making purchases). 

Gen Z Climate.jpg

Brands should navigate the following key areas in order to engage young consumers: 

  1. Support impacted communities and victims of climate chaos by implementing pre-disaster plans and share them both internally and externally with consumers and their surrounding community.
  2. Gen Z value brands that are authentic, match their beliefs and educate them. Now is the time for companies to create constructive dialogue and implement action plans that consumers can participate in. 
  3. Gen Z are hands on and highly creative. Implement new initiatives using artistic mediums and creative tactics to show the positive impact your brand’s work has on the world.
  4. Commit to long-term thinking that has positive environmental benefits. Think smaller and more specifically about the adjustments your organization can make to reduce its footprint.
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