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“Right N:OW” Webinar Series by PROJECT

Article-“Right N:OW” Webinar Series by PROJECT

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Drawing from the PROJECT community of industry-forward voices and renegade thinkers, sign up for PROJECT’s new Right N:OW series of webinars and digital events. Weekly updated segments and topics gather modern reflections and analysis of our current business landscape.

PROJECT presents, "Right N:OW," a digital realtime extension of the N:OW Forum where we gather artists, craftsmen, hustlers, and renegade thinkers to reflect on and analyze our business. This series features live segments such as The Till, Swim Lessons, Phone Tap, and Hang with PROJECT. Join us for some fun, education, and help us share new ideas that can propel our community forward.

Read on to learn more and to sign up for the upcoming session.

Right N:OW Content Programming:

The Till - This is your digital tap into realtime mainline discussions. Tune in and join our episodic roundtable discussions with focused cultural leaders and renegade thinkers helping to shape our business and community for the better.

Swim Lessons - The cultural zeitgeist is shifting moment-to-moment and there are a variety of platforms to information gather and knowledge build.  Theorists, forecasters, service providers, and industry-adjacent thinkers lead Swim Lessons with master class monthly video presentations; taking you from kiddie pool to the deep end diving.

Hang with PROJECT - Hang with your peers, network, and reconnect with our community on Zoom. If you haven’t heard from us already, request an invite to hang

Phone Tap - Tap into live, unedited and unscripted 1:1 IG conversations between various industry insiders and PROJECT team members

Upcoming Web Panel



Never before has our globally-connected, always-on consumer-driven culture ever felt so disconnected. Even with modern digital tools like Zoom, Instagram and WhatsApp, there’s somewhat of a cloud hanging over society – a cloud that brings into question any behavior that points anyone toward making a “non-essential” purchase. But at some point, there must be a return to normalcy. But how do we get there? How can brands reach their existing customers and prospective leads without appearing tone deaf? And how can we sell product without selling our souls while so many people are suffering? Join us as we take a deep dive on consumer culture and content creation during this global pandemic.

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