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Stretch, Sun & Soothe: Some Recommended Daily Rituals

Article-Stretch, Sun & Soothe: Some Recommended Daily Rituals
How self-care is helping the womens team navigate this challenging climate.

After weeks of social distancing and self-quarantine, we’re understanding the importance of taking a pause to check in with ourselves and our overall well-being. Here, the West Coast Women’s team shares the self-care rituals they’ve been practicing throughout the day to stay centered during these unprecedented times. 

Early Mornings 
Emily Cox, Sales Executive of POOLTRADESHOW loves to start the day with a live Instagram class from ModoYogaWhile participating in morning stretches, and finding her mental balance, she feels most comfortable in her yoga attire from Fornia Apparel

Denise Tran, Sales Executive of PROJECT WOMENS prepares a delicious morning breakfast that keeps her motivated all day: Black tea with a ham and cheese croissant. And she tries to stay active by taking walks/light jogs and practicing yoga. 

Native to the desert, Samara Rosenthal, Experiential Marketing Coordinator for all West Coast Women’s shows says, “Since I am back home in Arizona at this time, one of my self-care rituals has been to lay outside by the pool and get some sun each day. This relaxes me and takes my mind off of everything. While I’m laying out, I love wearing one of my hats from ASN and my favorite pair of sunglasses from Good Times Eye Wear.

Megan Lester, Copywriter of all West Coast Women’s shows adores her Floss Gloss nail polish. “I bought like ten colors at the show,” she tells us. “Nothing like painting my nails with non-toxic neon nail polish to cheer me up.” 

And let’s be real, staying sane in quarantine is sometimes harder than we think. Kelly Helfman, President of WWDMAGIC, PROJECT WOMENS, Stitch, POOLTRADESHOW, SOURCING at MAGIC, and Micam Americas, shares her anti-anxiety tips from Gabby Bernstein. As a daily self-care ritual, it’s important to pay attention to your mental health, finding the time to be in tune with thoughts and feelings goes a long way. 

Nightly baths, candles, and aromatherapy definitely helps with relaxation. And Brand Director, Don Pietranczyk, indulges in his nightly baths accompanied by scents like eucalyptus or lavender to activate all five senses. Sometimes, he says, “I bring in my Bluetooth mini speakers and play some classical or piano music. Anything soothing.” 

We hope that by sharing our daily rituals, you can find a moment to pause, and possibly find a practice that speaks to you during this time of uncertainty. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, and please know that our team is here for you. 

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