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5 Easy Ways for Retailers to Give Back

Article-5 Easy Ways for Retailers to Give Back

Companies both large and small are doing their part in practicing corporate social responsibility. Whether you’re an independent retailer or a mass-merchant, there are numerous opportunities to support philanthropic organizations and get involved in the community. Here are 5 easy ways to start giving back today:

  1. Carry brands that are charitable and offer sustainable products.

From reducing emissions in the manufacturing process and using eco-friendly fabrics to giving proceeds to charities and planting trees, an increasing number of companies are doing their part in giving back. More and more brands are making small changes that make a big impact and carrying products from these vendors is a great way for retailers to practice social responsibility.

  1. Get involved with the community.

Find a local sports team or organization to volunteer at or sponsor. Not only will it promote your store, it’s also a great way to give back to the community and get to know the people within it.

  1. Donate to a charity.

Support a charity with a cause you and your staff believe in by donating time, goods or revenue. From volunteering at a local shelter to collecting school supplies for students in need, there are a variety of ways to give back beyond monetary contributions.

  1. Host a charity event in your store.

Charity events are a great way to bring people to your store while also supporting a good cause. Host your own charity event or host an event for another organization in your store with music, food, giveaways, etc. Show your additional support by donating a portion of sales during the event to the charity.

  1. Support apparel and footwear charity organizations.

Share your love for fashion by giving to those in need of apparel and footwear. There are a number of fashion industry philanthropic organizations as well as many other non-profit organizations that raise money and collect clothing and shoes for adults and children that can’t afford it. Join other fashion industry professionals in giving back to less fortunate by getting involved with one of these groups. Here are a few of the fashionable charities MAGIC is involved in as well as a few others:

Footwear Sourcing

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