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A Retailer's Guide to Influencer Marketing Amidst Current Events

Article-A Retailer's Guide to Influencer Marketing Amidst Current Events
Rachel McCord, founder of the McCord List, shares her tips for navigating influencer marketing during this global crisis.

As individuals are encouraged to stay home, and many brick-and-mortar businesses are temporarily closed, retailers are more reliant than ever on digital traffic to stay afloat. Social media channels like Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook have become powerful marketing tools in the current business landscape. Whether users are seeking entertainment or escapism, they are turning to their favorite digital creators to find comfort and community. 
We sat down with Rachel McCord, Founder of The McCord List, an online platform for content creators and influencers, to get her expert tips for navigating influencer marketing during this global crisis. 

1. Be Mindful of All Content 

It is important to analyze influencer content and keep current economic and lifestyle constraints in mind. Choose the right influencer for your prospective audience and re-consider content that promotes current socially unaccepted activities like foreign travel, parties, festivals, or concerts. “This virus has definitely changed how The McCord List influencers and I work with brands. I think this is the season for sensitivity with content and mindfulness with sharing." says McCord.

2. Focus on Appropriate Messaging

When reviewing captions of planned posts that include influencers, ask yourself if it feels authentic and appropriate to share. As McCord says, "I am seeking content and media releases that inspire hope, courage, and kindness. For companies interested in encouraging influencers to post about their products and brands, it’s very important to be mindful of the tone and talking points provided."

3. Drive Traffic to the Web 

As e-commerce becomes more important, be strategic about getting your audience online. Influencers are now encouraging their followers to shop for a cause, or shop as a result of undeniable promotions. Take advantage of this opportunity to be innovative and experiment with new ways to promote brand awareness, community, and sales. 

As McCord advises, “The tone of content is crucial right now. How influencers and brand partners adjust their messaging (or don’t) will make a huge impact on their bottom line. If brand partners are unable to incorporate positivity and encouragement in the content they are looking to syndicate through influencer partnerships, I highly recommend developing the viral marketing campaign, channel-mapping the influencers, and preparing outreach— but holding on outreach until the timing fits and is more sensitive to where the world is currently." 

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Rachel McCord at WWDMAGIC

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