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Delivering Good x NY WOMEN'S | September 2019

Article-Delivering Good x NY WOMEN'S | September 2019

Delivering Good x NY WOMEN'S | September 2019
Want to be part of an initiative that helps provide relief to people afflicted by poverty and tragedy? We're partnering with Delivering Good on a product drive and challenging every brand to donate at least one new item.

Want to be part of an initiative that helps provide relief to people afflicted by poverty and tragedy? We're partnering with Delivering Good on a product drive taking place September 15-17, 2019 and challenging every brand to donate at least one new item. You'll be glad you did! (Donation site: Javits Center, NYC / Crystal Palace, outside the entrance to Hall 3B) Click HERE for more information!

Tom Nastos, President of Women's Fashion at Informa Markets, has been involved with Delivering Good since its genesis and currently sits on their Board of Directors. With the organization so close to home, we wanted to get further into the heart of their matter. 

Delivering Good - Logo

Founded in 1985, the 12-person team is still going strong. "Small but mighty" as they like to say, the crew moves over 11 million units of unused product across the country each year to communities in need, all from their modest office in midtown Manhattan. Small but mighty, indeed - it takes a devoted group to do that "dirty work," but they do it gladly. 

"I'm so inspired by the brands who make it their mission to give back," said Merrie Keller, Director of Product Procurement. "It is so gratifying." 

The team gets to witness this time and time again. "I love sharing the stories of those people we have helped get back on their feet," said Dionisia Hatzi, Director of Marketing. 

Thanks to their focus on purpose marketing - a mutual-benefit collaboration between for - and non-profits - such stories are becoming more frequent. "Over the past few years, we have built wonderful purpose marketing relationships with brands that promote our mission and authentically raise awareness about poverty and the environment because they truly care about what we do," she said. 

Knowing our shared values and that this trade has a unique opportunity to progress sustainable initiatives, Delivering Good was interested in working with us. "Informa is the pre-eminent leader in fashion trade shows attended by the brands that we all know and respect, "said Hatzis. "There has been a marked increase in desire for the fashion industry to engage in philanthropic and purposeful efforts, and we are so delighted that this has transpired." 

Because fashion is the second main contributor to environmental pollution, they're especially interested in generating awareness and transforming the industry's approach. And with innovative technologies allowing brands to use eco-friendly materials and better manage their inventory, it's more doable now than ever. Ultimately, the organization hopes to provide opportunities for companies to engage in meaningful work that inspires on the local and national level. 

"Together, we can create such impactful change - we have the power and strength to manufacture for the explicit reason of giving back and helping others. By subscribing to sustainability tenets and supporting our greater communities via philanthropy, it is an opportunity to create less waste while creating more positive impact." 

Check out their website and follow them on social media @DeliveringGood. Want to get involved? They're always accepting financial donations and unused essential products. "Rest assured that your generous donations will be going to an organization with over 35 years of experience in providing help where it is needed most." 



September 15-17, 2019 

Sunday | Monday | Tuesday

Jacob Javits Center, NYC


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